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ALLERGOZOL-DF nose spray

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Nose spray

ALLERGOZOL-DF spray has strong anti-histamine effect, removes pruritus, sneezing, rhinorrea, has anti-flammatory and anti-edema effect.

Anti-allergic and vasospastic effects of spray is determined by content of alpha adrenergic agonists and Нl¬-histamine antagonists. Vasospastic action of ALLERGOZOL-DF lowers edema, hyperemia, and exudation. In case of intranasal usage medication aids nasal breathing, opening and widening of outer canals of paranasal sinus and clearing of salpinx, which induces drainage of secretion and prevents settling of bacteria on nasal mucosa. By blocking Нl-histaminereceptives, ALLERGOZOL-DF has strong anti-allergic effect.

One of the main advantages of ALLERGOZOL-DF is its medicating effect without affecting central nervous system.


– acute rhinitis

– allergic rhinosinusitis

– allergic vasomotor rhinitis

– acute and chronic laryngitis

– allergic and associated with beaming of laryngeal edema

– hyperemia and edema of и upper airway mucosa in post surgery

– facilitation of rhinoscopy

Dosage and Administration
1-3 fluid drops or 1 spray in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day; in case of vocal ligaments edema 1-2 ml of fluid are injected in small doses.

As adjunct during anaesthesis – 2-4 drops per 1 ml of anaesthetic.


– 2 to 6 years –1-2 fluid drops or 1 spray in each nasal passage 1-2 times a day;

– 6 to 15 years – 2 fluid drops or 1 spray in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day. Treatment course should be no longer than one week, than pause for a few days.

Lateral effects

– headache

– increase in blood pressure, polycardia

– nausea

– irritation and reactive hyperemia of the nasal mucosa

– dry mouth

– if applied for more than 1 week – edema of mucosa, atrophic rhinitis


– age up to 2 years

– narrow-angle glaucoma

– serious eye diseases

– hypertension, polycardia, apparent atherosclerosis

– hyperthyrea

– diabetes

– chronical rhinit

– prostatauxe

– heightened sensitivity to drug components

– simultaneous inhibitors taking (МАО, monoaminooxidase) and period of 10 days after

Medicine correlation

Medicine slows down imbibitions of local anaesthetics (extends duration of topical anaesthetics).

Special directions

Medicine has resorptive effect, therefore it should be taken in short terms – no longer than 1 week with a few days of break after

Pregnancy and lactation

Applying of medicine during pregnancy or lactation is justified only in case if benefiting treatment of mother will outbalance potential harm for child or fetus.

Features of influence of medicine on ability to operate vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms

Taking in account lateral effects of medicine it is advised to take care during operating vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms.

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